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Experimental Video
About This Project

PAUSE.II is an experimental video work that explores the embodied experience of returning to one’s country (Gamilaraay), and the haunting sensorial effects that linger from its colonial past.

r e a – is an artist / curator / activist / academic / cultural educator / creative thinker; from the Gamilaraay / Wailwan / Biripi (NSW) people of Indigenous Australia. r e a’s ongoing practise-led research takes its development from new and critical discourses exploring intersectionality and positionality, through the cultural convergence of Aboriginality; within the creative arts and technology, history and colonialism, the body and identity, gender and queer politics. r e a is an artist who’s experimental digital arts practice spans three decades of reinterpreting western theories of Aboriginality, reframing identity politics and repositioning new stories that challenge these ideas through a contemporary lens of art and history. r e a has a doctorate in Visual Anthropology, University of New South Wales, Art & Design titled: “‘Vaguely Familiar’: haunted identities, contested histories, Indigenous futures”; which includes a creative body of work that explores the actions of learning to listen to country and draws on a legacy of lived experiences, the impact of intergenerational trauma, grief and loss. In reclamation there is an acknowledgement of de-colonisation / disruption / protest / Indigenisation.