Special Projects & Collaborations
About This Project

Topological Media Lab, in partnership with ISEA International, presents a co-curated selection of discursive events and artistic works from its core group of artist-researchers, as part of ISEA 2020. From experimental panel discussions on Sensory Cosmologies to art works centred around sensorially augmented dissipative structure, dust, mist, and feedback ecologies, this selection provides a small window into ten TML researchers’ variously unique and diverse approaches in playfully engaging with the current ethos, philosophies, and dynamic research-creation streams of the atelier-lab.

ARTISTS/ARTWORKS: Chloë Cheuk (HK/CA), Expose (revisited) [kinetic sculpture, 2019] Navid Navab (IR/CA), tangibleFlux . plenumorphic . chaosmosis [triptych, kinetic sculpture, 2018] Alice Jarry (CA), Dust Agitator [kinetic sculpture, 2018] Peter van Haaften (CA) | Michael Montanaro (CA) performed by Nien Tzu Weng (TW/CA), SPIEL [performance/intervention, 2018] Serious Computer Group [Nina Bouchard (CA) | Evan Montpellier (CA)], Nova [responsive membrane, 2019]