Peau d'Âne: Celebrating the work of Valérie LaMontagne

This is a virtual exhibition gallery space to experience the e-textiles art and FashionTech collections, research, talks performances of late Valérie LaMontagne a pioneer in the discipline.

In 2018 and was about to take her post in Amsterdam, when she found out she has leukaemia, and spent a year fighting it. Valérie had just successfully won her battle with the disease in August 2019, but then deteriorated and died October 4th, 2019.

This exhibition is dedicated to Valérie and to try preserve her work and legacy in the e-textiles, wearables and FashionTech community. This is a virtual exhibition of Valérie’s work including images, 3D versions of a few of her pieces, videos of her work and her talks and a commemorative video by close friend and PhD supervisor Joanna Berzowska.

See the exhibition here.

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