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Break The Distance: On-site Moving Programme


ISEA2020 has prepared a moving video programme with outreach, accessibility and COVID-19 safety measures in mind: from October 13th to the 18th, two trucks equipped with large LED screens will be in transit around the city showcasing the works of 13 national and international artists that will stop you in your tracks. The projects will be presented throughout the city, exploring dynamics of proximity and distance, and introduce new sentient imaginaries into the heart of Montreal.


We invite you to check out this stealthy programme of which only hints of locations will be disclosed, and that you get the chance to catch it if you can!



October 13, 16:00 – 20:00 Hochelaga/Centre sud

October 14, 14:00 – 21:00 Montreal at large

October 15,  15:00 – 21:00 Centre Ville / Village / Plateau / Griffintown

October 16, 16:00 22:00 Côte-des-neiges / NDG

October 17, 16:00 22:00 Villeray / Mile End / Saint Michel

October 18: 14:00 – 21:00 Montreal at large 


Guillaume Arseneault (CA) – Feedbike [A/V performance for augmented bike wheel generator, 2020]

Marco Barotti (IT/DE) – Clams, Swans, Woodpeckers

Hannah Claus (CA) – wis

CNDSD and Ivan Abreu (MX) – Fireworks [live cinema coding, 2020]

Nathalie Guimbretière (FR) – Naxos [video, 2020]

Laurent La Torpille (FR) – das Lichtquant [informatique, 2020]

Katherine Melançon (CA) – Seven Sisters Series National Park Series (Grass, Scrub, Woodland; Fauna) [animation, 2019; 2016]

Lorna Mills (CA) – Petting Zoo: Noble Orphans [animated GIF collage, 2020]

Nelly-Ève Rajotte (CA) – STEM [HD video, 2020]

Sabrina Ratté (CA) – Aliquid [HD video, 2019]

Martín Rodríguez (CA/USA) – In Search of Aztlan… [Intervention/performance: video, radio, wood, magnetic wire, thread, 2020] | Milo Reinhardt (CA), Xavier Arocha (CA), Teo Zamudio (MX/CA) – Global States of Entanglement

Quentin VerCetty’s Missing Black Techno-fossils [animation, 2020]